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Andreas Binder

Knöbelstrasse 27
80538 Munich
T. +498921939250

Andreas und Veronika Binder

Stand: A36

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  • Agapanthus, 2017

    Matthias Meyer, Painting , 140 x 150 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Blume, 2016

    Thomas Stimm, Sculpture , 167 cm Durchmesser: 80 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Mirror Mash, 2017

    Matthias Meyer, Painting , 190 x 180 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • MIRROR PAINTING (Brushstroke 01 – „Spitting Brushstroke/Nike“), 2015

    Philipp Lachenmann, Mixed Media , 280 x 190 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • must be something, 2016

    Julio Rondo, Painting , 180 x 164 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • My Oblivian, 2017

    Julio Rondo, Painting , 110 x 95 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Oregon Park, 2017

    Matthias Meyer, Painting , 180 x 120 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Pfingstrosen, 2017

    Matthias Meyer, Painting , 180 x 120 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Splash III (after Moholy Nagy „Telephone Paintings“), 2015

    Philipp Lachenmann, Photography , 217 x 135 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • untitled (Olya), 2017

    Yigal Ozeri, Painting , 107 x 152 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Untitled, (Cristal), 2017

    Yigal Ozeri, Painting , 76 x 102 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • when all is well, 2016

    Julio Rondo, Painting , 70 x 60 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

  • Willow, 2017

    Matthias Meyer, Painting , 80 x 70 cm
    Galerie Andreas Binder

Artists Represented


Izima Kaoru, Photography (J)
Philipp Lachenmann, Photography, Installation, Film (GER)
Tim Maguire, Painting (AUS)
Matthias Meyer, Painting (GER)
Yigal Ozeri, Painting (IS)
Tim Ayres, Painting (GB)
Steven Bankhead, Painting (USA)
Dieter Rehm, Photography (GER)
Jan Davidoff, Painting (GER)
Julio Rondo, Painting (GER)
Rolf Walz, Photography, Objects, Video (GER)
Paul Winstanley, Painting (GB)
Haiying Xu, Painting (CHN)
Thomas Stimm, Sculpture (A)
Andrius Zakarauskas, Painting (LT)
Ian Hartshorne, Painting (GB)
Hadrien Dussoix, Painting, Sculpture (CH)
Stefan Hunstein, Photography (GER)
Joseph Zehrer, Painting (GER)
Johanna Kandl, Painting (A)
Martin Borowski, Painting (GER)
Anton Hiller, Sculpture (GER)
Anna Krammig, Painting (GER)

Martin Kippenberger, Painting (GER)
SEO, Painting (KR)
Louise Lawler, Photography (USA)
Günther Förg, Painting (GER)
Gerog Baselitz, Painting (GER)
Gerhard Richter, Painting (GER)
Turi Simeti, Painting (IT)
Blinky Palermo, Graphic (GER)